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Fitting Instructions

The table above is a good starting point to figure out your bra size. Remember that the best way to find your bra size is to try on a garment while working with an expert fitter. You should always feel comfortable in whatever you wear.

Finding your band size

First, while wearing your bra, measure around your diaphragm, just under your bust. Be sure the tape measure is snug around you in order to best estimate your band size. With that measurement add 5. If you measure a 38 +5 = 43, be sure to try on both a 42 and a 44. All bras fit differently so it is best to try multiple sizes of any bra, whatever you wear. A double check to your band measurement is to measure around your top bust around under your arms. This number should be similar to the final band measurement, ie 42 or 44

Finding your cup size

Next, measure around your body at the fullest point of your bust and keep the tape measure level. For every number that is greater than your final band size will be your cup size. For example if your bust measurement is 48 and your band was 43 then your cup is 5” greater than your band and should equal a DD/E.

click here to download a bra / panty sizing chart Requires Adobe Reader