Q & A

Q| Does Elila sell directly to consumers?

A| This is one of the questions we are most frequently asked, and the answer is no. We work with an incredible group of retail partners across the United States - both brick & mortar and online - that carry our collection. Click to find out Where to Buy.


Q| Is Elila looking for new distribution partners both in the US and Internationally?

A| Yes! Please Contact us for more information.


Q| How do I find the best fit for my Elila bra?

A| Check out our Fitting Guide! The math is super easy!


Q| How should I take care of my Elila garment?

A| Your garment is just like you, it needs some love, some rest, and a little pampering! At Elila, we recommend you have three bras:

One to wear...sexy, supportive, and not too tight (use those hook & eye adjustments to your advantage)

One to wash...not too hot, not too cold...just right (hand wash your garments and line dry them...and definitely, no bleach!)

One to rest...'cuz we all need a little shut eye at night (the elastic needs to rest in order to give you maximum support when you wear it again!)


We know you have questions. We hope we have (most of) the answers. Come join the conversation.

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